Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why not?!

Most of our mothers, if not at least our grandmother's and great grandmother's stayed at home to take care of their children. Then all of a sudden this became taboo for our tech savvy, 9-5 generation. Yes there are some of those who have no choice but to work as they have to pay the bills; this blog is for those who choose to and are able to stay at home. I ask why not?! Why is it looked down upon us to be stay at home moms and why are people constantly asking when I'm going back to work? It's like having a baby isn't important enough.

Yes I did come from a 9-5 career, Development/Developer which included buildings of muti-million dollar condo sky rises, shopping centers, office towers while working the grind with men. Don't get me wrong, I loved every opportunity, the hussel and bussel of the private sector, inspired to be a Donald Trump. It all changed once I had my baby and decided to stay at home.

If I can afford to be with my baby why wouldn't I want to. No means do I come with a wealth of cash in my pockets, I have a husband who does the 9-5 and provides for us to live within our means. I love to look my best (most days), love make-up, dresses, shoes, purses, have my baby looking his best, take my baby out for walks, read to him and play with him. I'm a stay at mom, with an 8 month old, enjoying every moment of it!

Stay tuned for the everyday life of a Chic Stay at Home Mom!